Data Projects

I analyze and visualize data to answer and ask better questions. Data manipulation is done using the R programming language and SQL.

Active projects

Archived projects

  • CBB Ref Logs: a Shiny dashboard that surfaces the travel schedules of men’s collegiate basketball referees during the 2023-24 season.
  • 2024 Posit Table Contest submission: static HTML table that shows the 2024 ACC Baseball regular season standings submitted as part of the 2024 Posit Table Contest.
  • WABStick: a Shiny app to compare two teams competing in the 2023-24 men’s college basketball season using wins-above-bubble (WAB).
  • CBB Conference Index: a small app built with Shiny that surfaces college basketball standings and summarizes NET rankings with quadrant opportunities.
  • FBS logs: a project to track the duration of college football games for the 2023 season and analyze recent rule changes. This work was mentioned in the Washington Post.
  • CFB win totals: another Shiny app to find the win totals of a team and its 2023 opponents.
  • Dadgum Box Scores: find any UNC men’s basketball box score since 2003-2004, and code for the archived Shiny app.

Viz porfolio

I’m building out a portfolio of data visualizations. Here is an example creating a drive chart to summarize a college football game:

Drive chart for college football